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Hawk pair

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Today while watering the garden I finally noticed that my resident hawk has a mate. There are two of them now. So how do you survive this scenario? I don't remember being attacked by 2 birds before so what are all your experience with this situation having a pair of hawks that lives 30 feet from you? They are very fast and agile.
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Rod, until this year, i have had to deal with it for at least 3 years.
By the way this time of year it IS always a Pair..... Dave
Both Cooper's do not Hit at once, in Fact this Pair has Worked you over for some time now,.
You just have now seen the Two together...One is way High, the other is low, the low one is the one that Hits... That is how it works... Dave

Thanks for the info. I will now be needing your help/advice on this one based from your previous experience. I have babies to settle and they are around. I am worried more than ever. It is depressing to see such birds so agile, so maneuverable, and so fast/smooth and with so many trees I have here, I don't know why they decided to stay at my place.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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