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ok guys ive been searching for this thread with a pair of birds layed the 1st egg and moved it to wait for the 2nd egg layed then put the 1st egg back so they will tend to both babies when they hatched or such thing,or so they will hatched the same day,i kinda want to try to do that since my other pair is about to lay eggs..need more details on it please..
will they look for the 1st egg?
where is the best place to put the 1st egg to make sure it'll be ok ?
all that goodie..thanks in advance..
well you don't have to take the first egg, unless you KNOW the pair sit tight on it right when it is layed,most times they don't sit the first one. If you do need to take the first egg so both nestlings are the same size, you then would put a dummy egg in the nest and take the first egg, and wait till the second is layed and then put the real one back and remove the dummy egg. you would want to put the real egg in a cool place on something soft and turn it a couple time in the day.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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