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Hi all,

One of my baby pigeons got badly scalped in the shed so I have taken him into the house. I think he is between 2-2.5 weeks old. I've been hand feeding him as emergency mix for two days (some oats, soaked seeds and defrosted peas). I have now picked up some proper bird formula. His wound has been scabbing over, his crop has been emptying fine, droppings fine and he has been alert/lively. He was fine this morning but when I checked on him this afternoon he could not stand up properly or use his legs. They are in a normal position (not splayed) and he is still flapping his wings, squeaking etc. His toes are still lightly gripping round my fingers when I pick him up but I have no idea what is wrong.

I had a look online and it said it could be a calcium deficiency? Can anybody offer some advice.

Thanks in advance,
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