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Hello all,
i would please like your advice on this: i found a very young splayed leg ( moderate) feral pigeon in the city’s traffic, took him home and started caring for him.
i am doing my best please don’t judge the fact that he did not by any means accept the straps on his legs yet, i could not keep them on he was totally stressed —-unbearable to see him so scared and desperate with those straps on —-so i’m trying to make him feel less stressed, to continue the treatment.
he is taking in the meantime his vitamins and calcium ( although i could not find answers if it is ok even if he has nit the straps on yet)

he is extremely scared of humans, a little less than before, ibut his young life with a handicap in a busy street must have been very stressful., and when we tried to put the straps on he panicked so much , some of his tail’s feathers were stripped away .

i took him home although i knew i would have only a little more than two weeks ahead because i must fly to see my family for two weeks.
he now lives free in a room ( normal high ceilings etc) he stays either on the bed or on a small table in front of the window.
In the morning however and around 5 pm he flyes lin the room very vigorously.for a couple of minutes
The windows have curtains that let the light in but prevent him from scrashing against them.

in previson of my absence, i found someone who will take him for two weeks, she has a large garden with a relatively small aviary ( i guess it was made for chickens?) , it is much smaller than his room at home It is in a garden, with free pigeons around.
the setting is beautiful but my worry is that he will not tolerate to be confined while seeing the wild and the pigeons free to fly everywhere. He would be alone in the aviary, perhaps there will be another pigeon who is not able to fly ( an adult)

He cannot be released as he is now, he needs to have his legs in a better shape so my question is :

Is it ok to let him stay in the context i am describing ( the aviary) or is it better to find someone who keeps him in a room as he is in now? Or yet an aviary with other pigeons? It is hard to find options but i want to avoid further stressful situations
If yes, is it better to keep him home the week before i leave or to bring him there at the aviary asap ( that would mean the would stay in the aviary for three weeks )

any advice is very welcome also on tips on how to calm him and stress him as little as possible with the cures ( i need to massage his legs and do some therapy).

i feel really nervous about the whole situation ( lack of time, splayed legs’ leaving etc)
A big, heartfelt thank you!

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