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Help for Floor cover needed

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Hello. I’m looking for advice. What I can use to cover my loaf floor in order to be cleaned easily? Now I have oil dry /gray color/from advanced auto parts but I’m not sure is it OK for bird’s health. I saw corn cob in our PETCO but it is for parrots and maybe is to light to be used in pigeon loaf. Sand will collect a lot of moisture here in Florida. Please help me to choose the right stuff to make my birds happy!!!
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I use straw on my loft floor. :)

I read in a book that you could use wood chips but I never tried it.
Straw can hold moisture and isn't a good thing to have on the floor. Don't know how big your loft is palmski? My loft is way to big to have any type of floor dressing and when I had a smaller loft, I used straw (no good) and came to conclusion that most anything you put down is going to get blown around and you wind up with bare spots anyway......it's easier to just scrape the loft floor once a day.....twice if you're so inclined. As long as you're not feeding on the floor, droppings from one day to the next aren't going to hurt anything.
My loft has a wood floor and I live in NH (translate: there's ALOT of moisture just in the air). We have laid a covering of "pond liner" on the floor so that it can be washed down easily without eventually rotting the floor and it seals the floor from moisture (and bugs) coming in from the ground. For the winter, we also put down a pretty thick layer of pine shavings. They actually absorb the moisture from the air & droppings and dry. Because an essentially "outdoor floor" can't be hosed down here in the winters here, the chips mix it up and, basically, "dilute" the quantity of droppings...keeping the floor area cleaner until we can rake it out & replace the chips. The chips also hold some heat from the brooder lamps and help keep the loft a bit warmer. But, as Renee said, the shavings DO blow around (even just with wings beats) and the chips DO track EVERYWHERE!! We don't want warmth retention in the summer and we do want to be able to easily hose down the floors, so we'll leave the floors unchipped (starting VERY soon) and just have the layer of "pond liner" on the floor ... maybe a bit of Timothy grass, too.
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Young Bird Section Loft Picture....Notice the droppings..I rake it once a week or as needed...Alamo
I used oil dry for 20 years...And it is a good floor dressing...As long as you change the oil dry every 2 months...Because you walk on it,and it grinds it down to a powder,and has to be replaced...As of now,I only use it under my perches in the YB section...I have it accross the lenght of the section,and out to 18 inches...I used a 2 by 2 nailed down to the floor accross the section to keep the oil dry in it`s place...You can double the height and double the 2 by 2 for more height,if the birds knock it over the 2 by 2..I scrape the rest of the section floor,and my OB`s and breeding loft at least 2 to 3 times per day.........Alamo
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