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HELP!! Found baby pigeon in San Francisco, need advice

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I rescued a baby pigeon yesterday from the alley where I work. He was huddled in a little corner and obviously not old enough to be out of the nest (still has yellow down / hair, no tail feathers yet, feathers still filling in). From what I've seen in researching online I would say he's about 3 weeks old.
I have him in a small bird cage in my laundry room (warmest room in the house). My boyfriend and I are both experienced at hand-feeding and have been giving him formula (exact Kaytee). he doesnt eat any cooked foods or seeds I've left in the cage.
He is very reluctant to eat the formula. I have a hard time getting him to open his beak - at most I can get him to eat a couple CCs per feeding (3X a day feeding).
he is standing looks alert, shining eyes etc and no visible injuries.
I need advice or help. i am not sure what the right move is next. I'd like to see him survive and prosper. The poor thing. Please advise ASAP!!

Leah Matanky
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Leah, check your PM's...I am in SF.
Thank you very much for helping this person. Jaye is a wonderful rehabber and can likely help a lot. Sounds like you're on the right track so far. Good luck!!
I'm an agree with MJ Jaye is the best, big heart and knows what to do. :)

Met leah last night, gave her a better syringe tip for feeding, along w/ some tips and instructions. She is a bird person so I thin she has it in hand for the time being.

I do not think she will be able to see raising it all the way thru to soft release, as she is going out of town in a few weeks..so we will need to find someone to hand-off to for the last couple of weeks of raising.

At moment, I have the ScrubJay situation here, so....any volunteers welcomed. We can ultimately release in my n'hood...I just can't keep the bird inside here beforehand.

Good work so far, Leah.
Thank you for rescuing the baby, Leah, and thank you Jaye for your time and help to make this a wonderful/better experience for Leah and the baby.

I hope we get to see some pics soon.:D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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