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Help! I got washed away in a flash flood

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and I lost my Mommy. Will you take care of me?

NAB :)

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What a cutie!!! Love those little stubby wings!
Awwww, Nab, that is sooo sad!

What a cutie! And under your care, should do just fine!!

Please keep us updated!!

Love, Hugs and Scritches

Shi :)
Yes, yes, and yes!! I would love to take care of you. :D:D:D
How sweet is this baby.
Have fun, Nab.

Nab, thank you. Got my smile in early today thanks to you.
Gained 8 grams since Thursday

We now have our own indoor heated pool, personal water craft, 3 kinds of food with fresh fruit daily and of course a nice tanning light to keep our fluff dry and fuzzy. Next we get a rubber ducky to play with.

NAB :)

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I had to laugh at the pic. So cute. He sure has five star accommodations.

LOOKing Good...and living the life of luxury. He will be enjoying his life trmendously during ths time while he grows up! :D I would be cuddling him constantly...what a cutie.

Thanks for the happy update!
Did you nab that bird right out of the water, Nab?

WOW! Nab!!

HOW :cool: IS THAT!

Would he ever want to leave??

Give that cutie hugs and scritches

With love

Shi :)
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tell the story of the rescue

Washed away in a flash flood. would love to hear the story of the rescue..
Wow, he sure is tiny in that last picture. I am jealous as can be. I have never had a duck. You really have given him a 5 star home.
Goose progress report

Here he is - growing faster than the weeds in my garden.

NAB :)

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That is definitely good news, but to be expected with the fabulous care you are giving him! :D

Thank you for the update.
Nab, I'm so happy he is doing so well. Love the middle picture of him sticking his tongue out at you.
He is just the cutest thing ever. Would love to cuddle him.

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