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Help please

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i have found cage and everything but the pigeons i will take are grown up..what can i do so the pigeons someone will give me will not fly back to their home?..keep them locked in the cage for some days?
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Fastpitch here--
welcome to PT. get some 30-35 day old birds . I think that would be best.
It would be great if you would show us a picture of the cage.
Build a loft. A cage might be too small. If they are old homers, breed them and fly the young. If they are rollers, you can resettle them for 2-3 weeks and you can release them. I am assuming that you are a beginner because I don't believe that Mike Tyson doesn't know how to take care of pigeons. He has lots of rollers. There is more than keeping the birds locked in and releasing them. You have to train them to trap inside, respond to your calls and be familiar with their immediate surroundings before any release. Do some search here because it is a big topic.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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