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Hi there, im Pauline and i rescued a wee female pigeon..

Hi there, im looking for a bit of advice, i found a pigeon a few days ago who couldn’t fly, got her picked up and brought her into my home, got her heated up and after a while i have her a check over, wings look fine, poops were very green & watery/ urine (please see photo of urine she did within mins of me getting her in my home) not eating on her own and barely drinking! I cslled rescue place but they usually take pigeons but sadly this time they refused, so iv had this girl for 4 days now, iv had to force feed thawed frozen peas for these past days, tried her with seed but she’s having problems picking them up and eating them, I purchased for her a bottle of Harkers 4 in 1 that treats canker, coccidiosis, worms, parasites in pigeons and also bought a bottle of Avigold Advance Daily All-in-one Liquid for Aviary Bird Tonic - Bird Multivitamin, Essential Oils, Electrolytes, Minerals, Amino Acids and shes been in those for 3 days now and she is definitely getting stronger, her breast bone is really really protruding from her wee chest to, so i think she was maybe starving, the first day i got her her poops were very green and watery, and i dont know if it’s because im feeding her peas but she is definitely urinating but not so much today and poops seems a little more solid today to.. but even with the force feeding the peas , and today her picking up only a few seeds has improved but shes only eating a few seeds per day on her own.. and still barely drinking! Any ideas what could be causing this girl to not eat /drink and left ger unable to fly.. the day after i caught her and fed her peas i let her go the next day and she just stood in the same part of my garden and stayed there until it turned dark so i brought her back in.. she barely been moving around for a few days but again today she’s putting up more of a fight with the force feeding today when she had not been putting up a fight.. and if it is starvation how long will i need to feed her until shes able to eat in her own?
Any advice would be appreciated, i dint want to take her anywhere they want to out her to sleep because she’s definitely showing small improvements as of yesterday and today.. But I obviously wont release her until i can see shes able to eat and drink more in her own, then i will try ger flying skills once she’s demonstrated she can eat and drink on her own.. but can stress be causing her not to eat or drink much!

Any pigeons iv helped before that couldn’t fly iv took them in overnight and theyve been able to fly the next day, so im wondering what’s causing these issues so if it’s something i can help her with then obviously i will…
Also when hand feeding her, she sounds snuffly, why would she be sounding like this and does she need any medicine that i can buy in the uk?

Any advice would be really really appreciated my friends …

Just want to add that for the first 3 days she had real difficulty managing to even pick up the seeds, she couldn’t even pick up one seed but yesterday & today she actually managed to pick up just a few seeds..but definitely not eating enough seeds yet maybe only eating 12 to 15 seeds per day..

She looks much bigger in my photos due to her puffing up all her feathers
Second photo is of her sitting comfortably on my lap.. doesn’t try to fly away..

Thanks guys ..Pauline .. Xx
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