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Hi and thanks for bringing the bird in...
Are you sure he's a roller? If yes,he must roll. But since you said he's molting that could be the reason he couldn't manifest his innate skill of rolling,if he's a roller. Would you like to share his pic??? So to see what breed is he...

Molting induces great stress on body. If he's molting heavily please don't let him out. He's not 100% at flying during this phase so probably couldnt evade a predator if targetted. During molting, the last thing he needs is stress from any other activity whether its flying,breeding, medicating etc. Keep him in until he finishes his molt.

To help him through his molt you can let him bath so he sheds old feathers faster,also giving space to new ones to grow. Giving him water to bath twice/thrice a week will also help new feathers to soften up and grow faster.
You can add a bit more protein and calcium to his diet to help him grow better quality feathers faster. Water soluble vitamins and minerals supplements twice a week will surely help him.
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