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Ok, so I read the thread about this baby pigeon who had a broken foot, but nobody thought it was real because it said "unregistered'. Problem for me, I'm JuliePigeon, I can log in fine, but the MOMENT i go to another page (even to edit my settings!), it says I'm not allowed to access that page unless I'm logged in (which I WAS)....it like logs me out RIGHT after I log in! I don't understand. Then after a bit of this, It won't even log me in at all! It will let me log in, says "Thank you for logging in, JuliePigeon", and then when it loads the page from the browser re-direct, it says I'm not logged in! this is driving me insane! I love forums, and am part of a couple others but I can't be a part of this one as much because I can't stay logged in. It is soo frustrating! How do you guys stay logged in? is it something I'm doing?
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I have no idea, but hopefully someone with some REAL computer knowledge will come along to help out.
maybe you can jusr create a new account under pigeonjulie, and if your still having problems it might be a problem with your computer, possible virus software, or your security settings IDK, lol someone with real knowledge may be able to help you.
Do you have your browser set to accept cookies?

she probably can't get back on to see this!
I had that exact problem when PT went thru the "transformation" months ago. Someone told me to "clear my browser" :confused:
After a few weeks of trying to figure out how to do that - it worked :D
But don't ask me how to do it :eek:
To "clear your browser" you go to tools, then internet options, then under the heading of "browsing history" should be a "delete" button. When you click this, be sure the "delete cookies" option is clicked, or select delete all (depending on what type of internet access program you use.). Whenever you do a search on the internet, or go to any pages, your computer is loaded with "cookies" which are like little bites of info sent to YOUR computer by the websites you visit. The main purpose of these are to make page loading faster - - but unfortunately they often bog down your system if you don't clear them out, and occasionally some "bad stuff" will get caught up in there.

Okay - - that's about all I know on that subject. :) LOL:rolleyes:
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