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Hi there, Two days ago i found a baby pigeon that fell out of the mothers nest, I have taken it home were i have made it a substitute nest, but i am unsure how to care for the bird, can you help?
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Hi Seri,

For the time being keep him dry, warm (not hot) and in a safe draught proof area.

When he is warmed up you could mix up 1 pint of warm water with haldf a tabespoon of glucose, honey or sugar and when he is warmed through dip his beak in it to encourage him to drink or give him some drop by drop in the front of his lower beak.

Can you look at this thread and tell us roughly how old he is?


We will also need to know roughly where you are so that we know what products and resources are available to you.

The thread I have posted a link to below explains various methods of feeding young squabs. There should be one that suits him.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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