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It would be useful if you could post a photo (see 'manage attachments' down below the posting box). Meantime, when you say twisted beak, in what way - like, is the top kinda crossed over the bottom (scissor beak)? If so, it could mean she has been unable to forage properly.

I'm wondering about the age of the bird? Does she have the white neck patch?

Is there any sign of a wound elewhere than the twisted beak, puncture wound, spots of blood, maybe under the wing?

You may, as Charis says, have to hand feed. Thawed out frozen sweetcorn and peas, served slightly warm, is often a good start, popped into the mouth one at a time and pushed gently back so she awallows.

There is a rescue place in Nottingham -

Brinsley Animal Rescue
69 Hobsic Close
NG16 5AX

Tel. Local Rate 0845 458 2813

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