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Hide and Seek !

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Hi, I just had to tell someone this story.

I went down to my shed as usual this morning to feed and clean my rescue clan.
They all seemed to be acting a little strange, just sitting still and staring at me. The last time I remember them like this was after Charlie Farley escaped, then they looked sort of shell shocked.
I always say hello to each of them by name, and as I did, I realised one was missing. It was Poly, the male. The only time he's quiet is when he's on his nest sitting duty, apart from that he's always parading about flirting with the other ladies, so you can never miss him.
I called and called him and looked in every corner of the place, in each nest box, behind the bin and feed boxes, he was just not there.
Then I started to panic, I felt so sick as I was sure he'd got out like Charlie.

I blamed my husband as yesterday was the first time he'd ever been in the shed as he was looking at a way to make them an outside area. So I had to assume he hadn't been careful and Poly had got out. He is a good flyer but only has one eye so doesn't guage things too well.

I was so upset, I just went back to the house and didn't even do the feed and water.

Later I went back down as I thought I'd have to face the day and look after the others. As I stood in there I noticed an old cardboard box on the floor that Poly and Bandy had used for their last nest. I'd left it on the floor as the others liked to mess about with it. It wasn't in it's usual place so I picked it up to put it back, and guess who I found underneath it... Poly !! :D

He had obviously been messing about in it and it must have toppled over somehow and trapped him inside. Heaven knows how long he'd been stuck in there, maybe all night.
I've got to give him his due though. As soon as I released him. Bandy his mate who was sitting on their eggs, started cooing like mad. I think she was giving him a hard time for not coming to relieve her for a break.
Poly went straight over to her and took over the nest duties. She looked very pleased to be able to get up and have a stretch and drop her 'bomb' !!
Boy did she need that :eek: (It must have been a long time since she'd moved).

So that was why they had all looked so sheepishly at me when I went in this morning. I think they all knew he was stuck under the box. Why didn't they tell me !

I've never been so pleased to see him performing as usual when I went back tonight.

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He was playing tricks on you:D Funny.
Hope he hadn't been in there all night, but he is fine now, that is all that counts. Poor baby, what a scare for him.

I'm so glad you found him, I've had plastic boxes tip over too, on the floor and end up on top of a bird. :p

I hope he got a snack before he scurried off to nest duty.
What a cute story, I'm glad you found him safe and at home, any pics? ;)

Poor guy! I had that happen to one of my hen's once, Buddy. It actually worked out very well for her, as I brought her in for the day for some spoiling (I felt guilty lol) and she met her mate that day in my room. :cool:
I love happy-ending stories! :) Thanks for posting it!
Oh how funny, Janet!!

Of course, we can all laugh now...in hindsight! Soooo glad Poly is ok! Poor guy, probably wondered why it was dark for so long!!

Glad all is well!

Sending extra love, hugs and scritches

Shi/Squeaks/Dom/Gimie/Woe :)
I hope he got a snack before he scurried off to nest duty.
You know he didn't even stop for a snack before running back to Bandy, just went straight to the nest !! :D ( Don't be too impressed though, he is a right flirt when he's off the nest).

The only picture I have at the moment of Bandy and Poly together. Since pairing up they spend nearly all the time nesting.

Maybe that's Poly's plan, have a nice lady on the nest and while she's busy, he's free to flirt !!! Now where did he get that idea from !!:rolleyes:

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