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Highflier overstock anyone???

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Hi; i just built a NEW loft in my back yard. I already have 2 pet pigeons
(not Highfliers) who are currently sitting on a nest, but I want to breed and FLY highfliers. if any one has some to spare, I am a 15 year old homeschooler who is kind of new to the art of pigeon breeding.
- I will give them a great new home. :cool:

for more information, visit my profile.
( Columba livia! );)
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I could get you a pair but, ofcoure not for free tho.
I'm very happy to hear that a youngster like yourself is getting into pigeons! We need more youngsters like you to keep our sport/hobby alive. If I had any high flyer's to give I would but unfortunately I don't have any. I hope someone will come along and help you out.

Good luck!
Thanks for the encouragement g0ldenb0y55!:):):D
Darn! My uncle is over stocked on pigeons (some of them being mine since I left the hobby for a few months) but we're in canada. Got a good 20 or 30 highflyers ready for more young people to start the hobby.

If you were in Canada or the law of birds going back and forth wasn't so strict we would have happily given you 2-4 good pakistani high flying pairs, good luck though :)
THANKS anyway Gurbir :eek::).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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