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Hello guys! I'm just trying to figure out what all of the high flyer breeds are? I know some:

1. Pakistani High flyers
2. Iranian High flyers
3. Armenian high flyers
4. Serbian high flyers
5. Budapest high flyers
6. English tipplers

What other high flying/endurance pigeon breeds are there?
Thanks! :)

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Cassel Tumbler (mostly for show now)
Chinese Blue
Chinese Nasal Tuft
Flying Cumulet
Danzig Highflier
Galician Silver Highflier
Hague Highflier
Indian Pearl Highflier
Polish Highflier
Romanian Black Cherry Tumbler
Romanian Blue Barred White Tail
Romanian Coffee-colored Tumbler
Romanian Hempseed colored Tumbler
Plain Headed Tumbler of Satu-mare
Bacska Tumbler
Spanish Monjin/Valencian Monjin/Spanish Inverted Nun
Stettin/Stettiner Tumbler (mostly show now)
Stralsund Highflier
Shell Crested Hungarian Highflier
Romanian Argintiu Tumbler
Czech Crested Muffed Tumbler (mostly show now)
Prague Medium-Faced Tumbler
Prague Short-faced Tumbler
Dutch Highflier (mostly show now)
Hanover Tumbler
Budapest Tumbler (both muffed and clean-legged)
Hungarian Egri Tumbler
Shell-crested Tumbler of Kiskunfelegyhaza
Tumbler of Arad
Tumbler of Craiova (mostly for show now)
Roller of Galati/Galatz
Romanian Orbetean Tumbler
Rzhev Startailed Tumbler/Ribbontailed Tumbler of Rzhev
Ukrainian Shield Tumbler/Micholaiyvski Shield Tumbler
Ukrainian Skycutter
Strawberry Eye (variety of Catalonian Tumbler similar to Barbs)

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There are two types of Iranian HighFlyers.. The common ones are found in america... Then there is the Esfahani Iranian High Flyer which is very rare in america... Some of them have crests on them.. But they are like speed jets in the air :p They can out run hawks and they can fly for a long time... They are like Lahores except muffless and faster. ... They are kept in Iran Afghanistan, and I believe pakistan too.. And come in many colors....

Here is some info about them.


(their pictures arent that good though..) so here is a video of the Esfahani Highglyers.

My dad has a few of these... wonderful flyers.
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