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Hello Everyone!

Yesterday my cousin contacted me about a pair of baby pigeons. Their nest got blown out of the tree and the mother was seen abandoning the nest with a limp. This was in Provo, Utah. The Rehabilitation Center there wouldn't take them.

My cousin will be dropping the pigeons off here, Layton Utah, because he has to leave town for awhile. My goal is to try and rehabilitate the babies so that once they grow up they can return to the wild.

Things to know:
  • The pigeons are about 10 days old
  • They've been fed and have a box. My cousin will be bringing food with him.
  • My cousin and I are both Biology Majors, himself in Conservation. I'm hoping to be an ornithologist. In other words, we aren't going into this blind. But I don't know a lot about pigeons in particular
  • Once they open, I will be contacting the Northern Utah Animal Rehabilitation Center to see if they take pigeons. If they do, this post will be redundant, but if they don't, I want to be prepared. Time is of the essence.
  • If the Rehabilitation Center doesn't take them, I do plan on getting in contact with other officials for help as well.
  • I have not personally seen the health of the birds, but I trust that they are well due to my cousin's background.
  • Again, my goal is to rehabilitate them so they can be released into the wild. For example, should I try to craft a puppet to be the stand-in mother bird to help them not imprint on people? If I can't find someone better to take care of them in time, how will I train them to fly?
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