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Echo is my first ever bird and I am still learning about pigeons so please forgive the stupid questions.

I have a rescued feral pigeon who has survived very bad injuries including a severely injured wing. Although he has got a lot stronger and healthier his wing is too damaged for him to fly but he keeps trying, this means that he keeps crashing down onto things and, although I have moved anything hard or sharp that he can hurt himself on, it still worries me that he is going to hurt himself just by falling awkwardly.

Will he ever learn that he can't fly?
If not what can I do to help him out? My first thought was to get a harness so that when he is out in the house I can control him a bit better if he tries to jump off of me so that he doesn't hit the ground so hard.
I have seen that people put bands on pigeon wings or cut the feathers - should I do that to help control his movement? I'm not sure that I would be confident enough to cut his feathers
Thank you for bearing with my n00b questions. I am just trying to be the best new pigeon mum I can be.
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