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how to tell a male from a female

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there is a really old myth thats been going on for years in wales, near england UK, that if you make a hole in a 1 pence, wich is copper money in the uk and put a string frim it, then hold the string with the pence on it, or any copper money, above the pigeon's neck, by holing it very still, in a few seconds it will start to move, if the one pence goes round in circles its a hen, but if it swings back and forth its a cock, I don't know if anyones heard of yjis but it seems to work, it takes a bit of time but it will work, it also works if you hold it above your hand.;):rolleyes::cool:
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Yes, the pendulum stuff which is talked around here, too. I haven't found the most reliable sex indicator unless it is those genetic stuff where you submit blood samples. I myself have difficulty sexing unless they are adult now showing mating behavior. I wish it would be easy like they do in poultry or in humans.
I try it the first time and believe it, but more experimenting it was not believing...
TRY this hold the string above the pigeon and wait untill it start moving and then if it swings back and forth (JUST KEEP SAYING CIRCLE, CIRCLE) and you will see it change into a circle, do the opposite if it goes in a circle (KEEP SAYING BACK AND FORTH), it changes the way it moves................TRY IT AND LET ME KNOW..............
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