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I asked, and I received. . .

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Wood! I posted an ad on CL to see if anyone felt like donating me any wood. Someone did, and I went to get it tonight. To my surprise it consisted of new sheets of plywood, several new 2x4s, and different sized other pieces for nest box building or perches. I now have nearly all materials needed to make the loft, will be 8 feet if I can get away with it in the backyard. :cool: Then I'll work on the smaller aviary's loft later, they're completely covered in colder weather already. Now if only I could run in to another local adopter like I do every few years who wanted some, that would leave even more room for new ones. Since there are about a billion out there at the moment, it seems like. :eek:

Here's what these nice people gave me:
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That is great!

Terrific, MJ!!

Sounds like you are expanding. Run out of TENTS??

Looking forward to updates!

Love, Hugs and Scritches

Shi and the gang :)
WOW... Maryjane......
And redwood from the looks of it.... VERY NICE!!!! How Cool is that!!!!
Wonderful!!!! you asked and received just because you have a big heart.... good for all the pidgies......... ;)
Congrats! Now you can build a pigeon palace of your design.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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