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I found a pigeon, now what?

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Hi, to all,
I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and found, actually was given, a bloody white pigeon. It came in a bag from an anonymous neighbor, so its history is unknown to me. After getting an offer of euthanasia from local animal control, I noted that the bird was able to eat and drink on its own so I put that idea on hold. Now, about two weeks later, the bloody mat on its back is gone, covered in white feathers, and the nape and back of crown is growing feathers. The bird is cooing loudly, and trying to fly in a standard bird cage. I'd like to get it out of my living room, but who might take a feral pigeon in this area for fostering and/or adoption?
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Welcome to Pigeon Talk. Someone from your area will be along and help you with this bird. Thank you so much for caring for it as you have.

Terry...you probably have a King Pigeon. They are a domestic breed that doesn't do well in the wild. If it is a King, most likely it escaped the butcher. We do have a member, Elizabeth, that has been quite successful in placing these birds in adoptive homes. I will send her a link to this thread and I will also send you her contact information.
You can contact Elizabeth through this link.

Great Job on having faith in the lil guy... Hopefully Elizabeth can help you place this bird. In my opinion... She IS the PIGEON ANGEL! I just was stopping by to say Thank You for Giving the bird a chance and for taking the time to care for it! Much success in finding a home for it!!!!
Nice save!

Hi, Terry-

How kind of you to take on this poor bird. I'm sorry that you got nothing more than an offer to euthanize from the shelter. Was that over the phone or in person? (I'm hoping if they'd seen it and realized it was a minor rather than fatal injury that they would have been more helpful.)

In any case, I can probably help you place it. I don't have any space available right now but am working on some possibilities. Can you continue to foster awhile longer? Please don't release it. They don't last long in the wild. (They're domestic, completely lack survival skills, are poor flyers and easy targets for hawks, dogs, cats and mean people).

My direct e-mail address is [email protected]. If possible, please send me some pictures and I'll start publicizing your rescue as available for adoption.

Again- thank you for saving this bird. They are very sweet and actually make lovely pets.
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Thanks, Elizabethy
I just found your reply and earlier, rec'd your e-mail. The bird is stable where he is (I'm assuming HE, because of much coo-ing. He's just a bit messy for in the house--seed and white feathers, but OK for now. I'll be sending a photo.
Hi, to all, and thanks for the advice.
Elizabeth has photos and assures me that I have a dove, not a pigeon, so "Baldy" who is recovering from some unknown trauma, is more adoptable, I gather. I now await delivery instructions, so we're making progress.
aww, he's making cooing noises? How common is this in rescues? :)
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