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I have a modern flight pigeon and a dove I was wondering what they like to do for fun

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Their cage is a really big childs playpen. (They love it and have a lot of room to walk around) They dont really play with toys (they arent parrots) and mirrors they just stare a little. What can i make or buy them that is time consuming so they arent bored? (and they arent outside pigeons) and their wings are clipped. One thing they do love to do is make their cooing noises and lots of different vocal sounds.angor
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I would allow them flight in a large room or outdoor aviary after allowing the wings to grow back. Nothing is more important to birds then flying and having outdoor time...and is great excercise .
This sounds awful, but I was searching the Internet for environmental enrichment ideas, and it seems that some laboratory guidelines contain useful suggestions. Getting the pigeons to forage for their food was a big one - second to free flying time, which was most important.

Some ideas I've come across: burying seed in amongst smooth river stones/shredded paper/hay or straw (clean, dust free), providing a planted grass area, a shallow bathing pool (supervised), perches of different heights (or boxes for a playpen?), providing nesting materials, changing the pen layout. My pigeon loves chasing a cat ball around the bottom of her cage, as well. Hope these suggestions help.
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