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i have a problem!!!

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ok i have a mourning dove that a friend found that was injured. Its wing was broke from getting hit by a snow plow outside, so they helped it back to health and made it so it wasn't in so much pain by caring for it. Well she's better now...but she has a broken wing, and i don't know what to do to fix a broken wing. I named her 'Mai'. She has a cut on the top of her wing as well that has been almost tooken care of to where its fully healed. But, i don't know what else to do. Please help!!!
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Hi Dove Love...
How sweet for ALL of you to care so much... Welcome to PT.

A few things;
Could you list your location so everyone knows where you are located.. Others with experience will be along to help, but in the meantime could you post a picture as well. IT may help Them to see it ..... Also how long ago since your friend found Mai?? And how did she come about the broken wing...???

Hang tight... others will be along to help.;)
well it was 3 months ago she was found i just got her to my house 2day...and i live in PA
Shes had a broken wing for 3 months?:confused:
I don't know much about broken wings, but I do know that these birds heal pretty fast and I would venture to guess that after three months, it is what it is and I doubt there's anything that can be done to fix the wing.
Why would you think the bird might die? After three months......unless there's something else going on, I expect it will be fine. Non-flying for the rest of it's life more than likely, but otherwise, fine.
I also believe that it's against some law or other to "keep" a mourning dove........however, I would suspect that if it's turned over to a rehabber, it will be put down.
Of course, this is all speculation on my part.........so keep an eye on the thread and see what the "experts" say............that would NOT be me....;)
Yes.....and they decided to give her to me thinkin i could help....(it would be horrible for someone to put her down-to lovebirds-)
Yes.....and they decided to give her to me thinkin i could help....(it would be horrible for someone to put her down-to lovebirds-)
So my next question is are you willing to give her a home for the rest of her life and care for her? Do you have a cage where she can be kept AWAY from the dog? It would be horrible for this to go down the road you've already traveled......

And again, I urge you to post pictures of this lil' one... it would be most helpful.
Also are allllllll and I mean ALL of her open wounds healed now or NO??
Also... I am trying to find the laws on the Mourning Dove for your area.... Do you have any wildlife rehabbers in your area that you are aware of, that you could ask? Also I am going to direct someone to this thread who can help... I'll post back shortly.
i dont know how to post a photo...buuuttt she is away from our dog...im not sure if im goin to keep her really, i wanted to but im not sure now. and the one on the top of her wing is almost healed i believe, it is starting to scab abit. and i cant get a pic of the cut because she turns to where i cant see it wenever i try to take a pic of it.And the only wound she had wen i got her today was on her wing and looked like it does now.
im not sure if there are any...i dont know of rehabbers.. (and -to spirit wings- they didnt really give it to me to take care of exactly...if u read my other post they gave me her to replace my white dove and i have to help her wounds+they think i could train her...since i helped the last bird that WAS a pet, the last one was afraid of people for the most part but...he became less and less afraid the more i worked with him...but sadly i wasnt able to help his horrid flying.)
ok thank you for the help spirit wings ^_^yet, the dog is here so it may have to wait until the dog is let outside to do that...
thats what i thought...i knew she would be almost impossible to tame esspecially bc i dont know how old she is as well...she has a bark color to her feathers...almost a dark grey-brown and she is a bit small to be fully grown
ok thank you for the help spirit wings ^_^yet, the dog is here so it may have to wait until the dog is let outside to do that...
yea, you don't want to have the dog around where you are keeping her, that can be very stressful esp for a wild bird. can you lock the dog in the bathroom or something, just wondering about the wait part....the doggie can only go out at a certain time?
How long ago was the wing broken?
3 months:(
Can we see a picture of the cut on the wing?
well no just wen she has to go to the bathroom or wants out...she was sleeping...and i took a pic of the wound but the posting is what i cant do...i took a pic of the wing and when i did i noticed here beak, near the begging close to the eye it looks pinkish-red...not sure y though
Do you know how to email a photo? If so email it to me... [email protected]
I'll post it.
welll....the thing is my mom had me take the pic on her phone bc the bird was afraid of the actual camera too much so i took the pic and now she cant even put it on the com-......wait a sec!!!!!!i have an idea!!!!!=D
i cant send it msn i have a yahoo....and myspace...but idk...it wouldnt let me send the pix
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