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I need help My pigeon has issues

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I notice late last night one of my pigeons is pooping straight clear water. Should I be concerned? He has never done that. I did also notice he is not as active, i.e. sits around more than usual, has no interest in flying further than 10 feet? I have not changed his diet.....

Help in Tampa, FL

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Bump... Dave
How many pigeons do you have? What type? Are they free flying? Pets? Show birds? Have you brought in any new pigeons recently that you didn't quarantine?
Pictures might help...of the bird AND the poop.
A trip to the vet would be my first choice...
When my dove was passing a lot of extra clear fluid (he'd recently come to me as a rescue) I had the droppings examined. Several kinds of parasites were found -- I forget which, now. We medicated him for perhaps 10 days, under our avian vet's instructions, and all has been well since.

If you cannot get to a vet, Foy's Pigeon Supply has a dropping analysis service, by mail: http://www.foyspigeonsupplies.com/health.html
(Of course, if the droppings are entirely clear liquid, it might be impossible to collect and ship anything.)

My vote would be a visit to an avian vet, though I know that can be difficult. If you don't have a good vet already, and want to find one, there are sites that help you find bird specializing vets in your area: http://www.aav.org/search/index.php
and: http://www.birdsnways.com/birds/vets.htm

The very best of luck!
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