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I need some advice on feeding habits

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Ok, i know this isnt exactly very relevant, but is it okay to feed your pigeons sunflower seeds??? you see, i was off for a few days (work... i am a training GP) and i asked my sister a favour.
Apparently the food supply id provided had run out early and shed given my birds some sunflower seed, which is what she usually feeds her own birds (parrots). I mix my own food and i dont use sunflower, are my birds in danger???
(by the way, i also have a cocky but she eats budgie seed:) )
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Your birds will be fine. They can eat sunflower seeds occasionally.

Make sure they are the small black kind (black oil sunflower seeds), not the ones with white stripes on the shell. However, you can take them out of the shell and they can have a little with their pigeon mix.
why not the stripy type?

why do you only use black sunflower seeds? are the stripy type poisonous??? the packet my sister used were a mixture (though mostly black- and the brids hardly touched the stripy type anyway...)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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