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Fun day with my new birds . All is going well and they seem to be quite happy . They are so interesting ! I was up a before dawn with them and just basically studying their habits all day . When they eat , when they get active , and take rest periods etc etc . Saw some brief squables over who gets the highest perch LOL . They are getting very comfortable with me now , and dont pay much attention when I go past them . Unless I try to actually touch them they are totally unconcerned . I might be handle all of them in a week 'cept for momma.

They are like kids though , they are testing me to see what they can get away with . They have been very behaved so far but later on today my big homer flew up on the kitchen cabinet and just looked at me . I told him that wasnt going to work for me , and as I walked over she flew back to the dog carrier LOL . I gave her a lecture on that subject and she looked at me like she knew what the heck I was going on about with her head cocked LOL

I couldnt get ahold of the girl today , I want to pick up the male for momma early this week , wont she be happy !

Thats it from here , they are sawing logs right now . The wind is blowing , its cold outside and I've got a sore throat and a cold . These birds have it made in here where its nice and warm . :)

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