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I received my birds this morning

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:)Well, today was the big day. After many attempts to find some young white homers, I finally found some from Keith in Dayton, Ohio and he shipped them to me, and they arrived this morning. Besides the white homers, I bought 4 of his rollers too. They are so pretty. I picked them up at the post office at 7:00am, took them home to their new loft,(daughters old playhouse), and removed them from the crate. They were so calm and not freaked out at all. They perched themselves around the vent looking out side, I had fresh food and water for them. Went back in an hour before leaving for work and they had eaten and drank some water and were just sitting around looking cool.
Keith was very nice and professional, told me some things about getting them used to the loft and how to start training them in a few days after they adjusted to their new surroundings. The birds are alert, healthy looking, and service was very fast from Keith. A big thank you to him and everyone else on this forum for all the good information. I am going to get the old camera out and try to post a picture this week if I can.
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Now, the trick will be to keep your mind on your WORK all day:D
Good to hear you got your birds and that their in good shape! Sounds like the birds were well cared for at their previous home. Keep us posted and please do take pictures and share them with us! We love pictures!

Your birds are really lovely, and look like they are getting settled nicely into their new home.

Do you have any flat perches or "V" perches for them to sit on, they are more comfortable sitting on them and my birds prefer them.

Thanks for sharing.
Tennman1, Congrats for having birds! Can't wait to see some pictures. Keith birds look rather nice.

Keith, way to go!
Well, my new birds made it through the night fine. This morning I let them in the aviary while I cleaned and brought fresh water and food. Then I opened the door to let them back in but they were enjoying the open air and just stayed put. I went back in and got ready for work, then came back to check on them and half of them were inside feeding.
remember to do your call EVERY time you feed so they get used to hearing that, and then one day when they are out flying you can make that call and they will come flying to the loft to trap in, if they are hungry, that is..... some folks shake a can of feed, others have whistles, I just say...cooooome oooon!..... leeeets eeeeeat! and they come in quick for the feed call.
I love your call spirit wings, that's great. yes, I have been doing my call each time I feed. They cock their heads and listen to me like, what the heck is that? But I think they already know they are about to get fed when I do it now. they seem fairly calm but won't let me just pick them up without a fuss. I just very gently shoosh them around if I want them to move a little and that seems to work fine. The two white homers really need a bath. the shipping experience got them a little dirty.
Pigeons love bathing. Just leave some water in a big enough pan-like container and let them do their thing. I add borax to their bath water and it gives the feathers that extra shine!
goldenboy55, I think I will get a container today and put it in the aviary and let them do their thing.
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