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Icom Bands

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When placing the Icom band on a bird, which end goes on first? (Up)
Thanks All!
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You want the little hole down and the big hole up when they are standing. The icom chip fits in there snug but just in case it gets loose it won't fall up( out).
What is the best source for the ICOM bansds ?
I hate those bands the 5's and 6's look alike and I'm always correcting ppl's race sheets and having to redo chips for ppl because they read the bands wrong. Plus it looks stupid on the birds I'm glad only one of the clubs I belong to uses those bands and that I can get the old bands from my main club.
The AU and IF both have the icom bands. If you don't get it from them you should be able to get it from foy's or siegel's pigeon supplies.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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