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I have a loft that is 6 by 8.I have 41 pigeons and now there are 9 sets of breeders.I have 11 babys and 12 eggs.They seem to be breeding very fast and I'm not sure what to do.Can I eat the eggs like chickens?Also some of the babys have pecked up heads and one is missing and eye.My dad says I have to many birds.I tried to take some to town and let them go but the just come back.Most of the time they are home when i get back.Can any one tell me what I should do.
Two vital problems you have:

Your father is very correct. You have way too many birds for the size of you loft. My rule of thumb is no less than two square feet of floor space for each adult bird in an open loft. Any more and you are inviting all kinds of diseases that will decimate your birds. I would advise either building more loft space, and agree with Ston3d, purchase wooden or glass eggs and replace the real ones.

Also, it sounds like your birds are nesting on the floor, which is a sure way that your babies will get "scalped" when they wander out of their own nest, usually at about three weeks old. Pigeons flock, yes, but are very protective of their own nesting site. When a baby gets too close, they will attack it, trying to drive it away.

Pigeon eggs are edible, I suppose, but are better disposed of.
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