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Hey everyone I'm new here and I`m so glad a website like this exists to help pigeons lovers from all around the world interact and help each other with valuable advice. I used to have around 50 fancy pigeons in 2016 - 2018 which included Old German owls and Indian fantails. they were extremely beautiful birds and a sight to behold. I used to keep these birds in an open loft and would leave them outside once a day for 1.5 hours so they could get some fresh air and roam around the yard. I used to keep these birds simply as a hobby and as pets, I'm not interested in the competitive side of shows and competitions. Long story short due to moving houses I had to sell all my pigeons.

Recently due to the pandemic and extra free time I have been searching the internet and I have developed an interest for high flying and flying pigeons which supposedly fly for hours in big groups. I have been seeing many videos of people in New York`s Brooklyn and Bushwick the Middle East, India and Pakistan who fly large group of pigeons using flags and whistles and try to catch birds from other peoples flocks.

I`m not interested in the catching other peoples birds or flying pigeons in competitions but I`m very interested in flying the birds the way these guys do. The sight of 100s of pigeons all flying high in a group is a breath taking sight. I`m planning to start keeping pigeons again and I'm deciding this time to keep a large group of around 100-150 high flying breeds such as Serbian highflyers, Damascenes and Egyptian swifts. (or any other good flying breeds you guys would suggest).

NOTE: I`m familiar and experienced with the basics of pigeon keeping such as homing them breeding them feeding them providing grit etc. however I have ZERO knowledge in regards to flying highflyer pigeons in large groups and the the ways to keep and train them.

  • I wanna know what the differences would be of keeping and flying high flyers as opposed to fancy pigeons? like how much to feed them when to let them out how to train them etc.?
  • How do I make the birds fly for like 2 hours or more around my house in a group/flock?
  • What is the purpose of a flag and whistling while flying highflyers and how do I use this technique? is it necessary or not?
  • Can I fly any of the breeding birds or should I always keep the breeding birds in the loft?
  • For the flyers birds can I keep males and females together in a section which only has perches and no nest boxes (so they don't breed).or do I have to separate the male and the female flyers?
If I get highflyers I`m planning to let them out 2 hours a day before sunset and fly them for around 2 hours then call them down 20 mins before sunset by rattling the can with food. I have learnt through research that for the flyer pigeons you have to let them out hungry so they come down once you call them for food

So if anyone has knowledge on these topics could you kindly share some information to help me get started on highflyer pigeons, thank you and stay safe everybody!
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