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I had new Indian neighbors move in and he doesn't speak English very well. He keeps over 100 pigeons and budgies in a shed right on my boundary. The noise and smell is driving us crazy. Why would you think it's ok to bring this into a residential area??

The birds are all over our property and won't shut up all day (and night if he leaves the light on). They mess on our patio and over our cars. They perch around and peck at the sky light window as I'm trying to work from home. Because he throws bird food all over his garden the wild bird population has gone crazy around here now!

Ive spoken to him many times and asked him to move the shed to the bottom of the garden but he has refused.

We did get a welcome visit from a wild falcon that killed one of his pigeons and this gave me the idea of keeping a falcon in my garden to deter the pigeons but I'm not sure how feasible this is.

From reading this thread I get the sense that most of the people on this forum are considerate and decent people, even if we don't share a love of pigeons.

I thought you may be the best people to ask...is there any way I can encourage the pigeons to be quiet, and keep them away from my property?
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