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Indian Fantail-Sick

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I have a pair of Indian Fantail (around 2yr old). The pair was happy until couple of weeks back, wherein the female is behaving as if shes sick (I can make out that shes sick). She does not walk around too much and wants to stay at one place without moving. She also do not sit in her nest and always sit alone sleeping (with eyes closed)outside the nest. The male just calls her mate all day long but the female never goes inside the nest and just stays at one place.
Is this a serious health issue? I can make out that the bird is sick but do not know what to do?
Request each one of you to help me out to get my birds as happy as they were before.

Finally note that, I live in India and any medications used in US will not be available here for me (will try to find equivalent though).

Thank you everyone for all the suggestions thats coming on its way........
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I'm sorry your fantail hen is feeling poorly. Firstly, has she been laying eggs, and if so, is there a chance she is eggbound?

Not being familiar with what medications may be available to you in India, I really don't know what to suggest.

What do the poops look like for this bird?

Please try to give us a bit more information, and we'll try to come up with some help for you and the bird.

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Nope, she hasn't layed any eggs for some time from now. As I was not planning for any extension, they were made to sit on a dummy egg. Also the poops looks bit greenish and are bit solid in mornings and then in evenings they turn more liquid. Hope I have provided enough information.
One more thing to note is that she has lost her weight, as when I hold her, I can feel rib cage and also she sheds lot of feathers.
Looking forward for suggestions.
Does she feel swollen around her vent or abdomin??? How old is she and exactly how long ago has it been since she laid?

She may have some egg related issues/infection and inflamation since she stopped laying, and that is one symptom.

Yes, isolate her put her in a warm and quiet area, and give her access to food and water. IF she isn't eating on her own, she needs to be hand fed, or she will go downhill very quickly.
oh... it seems to be a serious problem.
It's been a year since she has laid any eggs and I do not feel any any swollen symptom near vent area.
Also I have noticed that shes eating once a day and drinking lots of water too.

Very confused and worried....
Please review the illnesses in this link.
By the way, do you give your birds oyster shell and pigeon grit?

http://www.pigeonworld.org/Pigeon Heath.htm
If you can't get medicine, then perhaps just give her garlic drink and perhaps acv or vinegar on her drink. She sounds sick.
May I ask what are you feeding this bird? GEORGE;)
I am giving Pigeon grit regularly.
I feed them with mixed pigeon feed, with locally available grains like Jower, Corn, Millet, Moong Dal, Barley, Green Peas.
Any more suggestions???????
Please help me out of this
how is she???

Hi, I to raise the Indian breed. How is your bird? I hope she is better. Keep us posted. I will send good energy your way.
no improvements...... also she loosing weight... and I can feel her ribs when I touch her.... I am worried and do not know what to do...

Please help
Have just moved this where it should have been. Anyone with any advice/help, please post.

If you could get her some electrolytes in her water. I am unfamiliar with what is available in India, but I know you have a lot of fanciers there. Try asking at the feed store/market or someone who is a bird vet or has extensive knowledge of birds.
I forgot how to make your own electrolytes, maybe someone here could help? George, do you have anything in your medicine chest of knowledge that could help? If she is eating and drinking,but still losing weight, wouldn't that be a sign of internal parasites? Worms?
in that case, can I use some meds to de-worm?
Drinking a lot? Sitting still, puffed up? Coccidiosis?
If she is really weak I would not use a harsh wormer.

You can give her a garlic cap and that will help if it is an issue of parasites/worms, and it also will help with her immune system. You should slick it down with a drop of Neem oil (that helps with immune system too) or olive oil and put the capsule over and behind the tongue as far as you can get it and then allow the bird to swallow. If she has any kind of upset stomach, you should hold off.

Also, you should give her a drop of colloidal silver down the throat, one like Sovereign Silver. This will help with any kind of infection.

These things are best to use if you haven't a clue what is going on with the bird, as they have no side effects if used carefully and usually do help.

PLEASE make sure you are hand feeding (force feeding-but gently) the bird, because if she is dropping weight because she doesn't eat, that could also potentially kill her.

I would also make sure she gets probiotics as that helps increase appetite as well as keep the gut flora in check.
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Thanks Treesa,

I can see some improvements wherein shes walking and I saw couple of time feeding the grains.... I will try out ur methods and shall keep you updated....
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