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Injured Adult Pigeon in Phoenix, AZ

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Some neighborhood kids found an injured pigeon yesterday under my car parked in my driveway. I'm not sure how he/she got injured, but seems to have a lame foot and possibly wing. I coaxed it into a box and gave it some water and parakeet birdfood (used to have a 'keet until a few weeks ago). It seems much more alert today, it ate all the seeds in the food (ignoring the brightly colored 'keet pellets...just like my 'keet did). It looks like it drank a significant amount of water also. But I don't know what else to do for the poor thing. I tried the Pigeon/Dove Rescue number I found on the web here, but it no longer works. I don't think this bird is a lost cause, but don't have the knowledge or facilites to care for it.

Please if you can help this avian fella contact me at [email protected]. Thanks.
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Ooops, wrong forum...I'll post again in the other one. Sorry.
Ooops, wrong forum...I'll post again in the other one. Sorry.
Your post is fine where it is.
We've got a couple of members in the Phoenix area, so check back on your post. They'll be along in a little while and give you some advice.
Please call this rehabber.

Fallen Feathers
Jody Kieran
Peoria, Arizona
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