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Injured eye? pigeon

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I've had a couple of successful rescues thanks largely to you guys. Yesterday I found this guy huddled in a dark corner at work. Looked a bit ruffled but couldn't see much else as it was too dark and as it was so busy I needed to scoop her up pretty quick. So she(?)'s been in a box in my garage overnight. Just been to see her and she has moved about a bit. Her eye looks a mess. See pics.
Any advice appreciated.


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The other eye looks absolutely fine by the way.
Looks like an injury. He is very young, maybe he got pecked by an adult pigeon. Is he eating? What do the droppings look like? Can you get terramycin eye drops?
Thankyou Marina,

Managed to get him/her to drink.. hasn't eaten as far as I can tell. We managed to get help now too so he/she has gone to someone with experience rehabilitating birds.

Thanks again
1 - 5 of 5 Posts