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i have this bird. i helped him (or her) from some mean Magpie birds by my house. they were pecking him bad. he only hasone wound that is visible that is just barly under him right wing in the corner. he seems to be fine other than that spot, but what can i do for it?
~~ Paisley

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Wash the wound with a sterile wash from the drug store and then put some Neosporin cream on the wound.
Keep the bird warm and quite and give him some food.
it sounds like it could be a young bird and may not know how to eat on it's own. If that's the case, you will need to hand feed the bird until it learns.
The other option would be to take the bird to a licensed rehabber.
Where are you located in the event we can direct you to one?
If you post a picture, we can tell you more about the wound and the bird's age.
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