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Injured pigeon

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I live in Surbiton/Kingston area and just captured and isolated a pigeon from predators. But I am ill myself and can't look after it, or take it to the vet. Any rehousers in my area?
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Will just send someone a message to see if they are able to help. Stay in touch while I find out.

Thanks I will keep checking on my mobile.
I am on the phone to her at the moment....
I got logged out but now I am back. Any luck?
Jayne is coming on line now.

Hello. I am nearby but do not have a car. Can you bring the pigeon to me?
I have sent you my telephone number in a private message. If you loook at the right hand corner where it says welcome what for, you will see a little note that says your notifications, click on that and it will show your unread private messages.
Hi jayne, no I cannot - honestly I wish I could. Not been out of the house and bed for a week. Will have to keep it in the house and see if it makes it through the night. Bit like me!
Jayne is sending you her telephone number by private message. See her post above yours.

It's free now.

Jayne has the pigeon now, it is an adult woodie so will be going to Pigeon Recovery where it can be with other woodies.

Brilliant job Jayne as always, You're a star. :D
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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