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Injured racing pigeon

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We rescued a racing pigeon that was walking around our front yard. Its left wing is dropped. We found the original owner from the band on the pigeon's leg and contacted him - he sold the pigeon but said he would have the new owner contact us. He did and we set up a time to pick him up - he did not show up and did not call again. I think he lost interest when he heard it was injured. We have had it for two weeks - is it too late to try to set the wing? We thought the owner would take care of its injury. It is a young pigeon the band has 2008 on it. Thanks for any help you can give.
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Please tell us where you are located in case we have a resource near by that can help you.
I guess you might end up having a new pet...Some fancier don't bother to get their bird back, specially when you mention that the bird have a broken wing...I know it's sound like a cold hearted sumbleach but I know some and admitted to me that they don't like to get the bird back to their loft with a broken wing...But don't give up, try to wait and see if the new owner call up and arrange an appoinment to pick up the pigeon or meet you half way...If he don't I suggest for you to....Build a LOFT :D, because you got yourself a new pet, a hobby and a new family member...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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