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Hi everyone nice to meet you, I wonder if you can help me please.

Early evening yesterday we saw a pigeon lying on its back in the middle of the garden with feathers around it. We have quite a few pigeons in our garden that come to our bird table, and I vaguely remember seeing a bit of pigeon commotion yesterday afternoon, so we think basically this pigeon was in a fight with either another pigeon or another bird.

Anyway, so I went out, and the pigeon looked dead with its eyes wide open and its head back, and I looked closer and it was breathing, we couldnt believe it.

So we took it inside into the lounge with the lights dimmed on a towel, and he seemed zoned out, not blinking at all. We also noticed that he has a bald patch on his chest (is this how pigeons fight each other? I know ducks fight this way) and a wound on its chest and on its back. I cant be sure but I was convinced I could hear his breathing through the whole in its back (its a beak shaped/sized hole if that helps) so we think he has a punctured lung (although I cant hear it today so hopefully i was wrong). After about an hour he sort of snapped out of it, like he suddenly thought 'where on earth am i?!'

So we took him back out into the garden onto the grass and he tried to walk/fly but he ended up all over the place, I think there is an issue with his left leg. He wont stand up straight, he flops to the left. Although the leg looks fine, no blood around it or the joint.

So anyway, we have a rabbit hutch that we keep for emergencies and he is in that now in the garage. We have put newspaper down and a towel, a dish of water, and some bird seed. He's not 'zoned out' anymore but he didnt put up a fight earlier when I picked him up to look at his wound, which I guess is a bad thing, but to be expected the state he is in.

So basically, we would like to know what to do next. I kept fancy rats until recently and I used Ashwood Vets in Four Oaks, Birmingham, so I will ring them as soon as they are open to see if they will care for a pigeon and not just euthanise it, I am sure they will see the pigeon as there is one vet who does all the exotic type animals.

We'd like to know what else we can do. I dont like the emergency vets around here, I found them slap dash and careless with my rats and goodness knows what they'd do to a pigeon.

Thanks a bunch, and let me know if I have missed out anything important,
Katie x
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