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Yes,could be a hawk attack. The female sparrowhawks here will go for a full grown pigeon this time of year. The puncture wound could be from a hawk's talon. Until you can get to a vet, it is a case of keeping the bird warm and safe, and if there is any blood or dirt apparent round the wound(s) would gently wash with a warm saline solution . as most people don't keep the sterile saline, boiled water cooled down till just warm, with some salt (purer the better,like sea salt, but any would do). A very gentle antiseptic gel could also be used. It could just be a claw wound from a cat. Any bird attacked by a predator should receive an antibiotic, though, to be safe - Synulox or Noroclav, which the vet should be able to provide.

It is a difficult one with it being a public holiday tomorrow, unless your vet is open then anyway. I'm not actually sure if there is a recommended wildlife place near you who may help, but will check.

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