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I am in UK. Cornwall - Callington. Found a young injured wood pigeon walking up the path. One wing is drooping - he cannot use it or fly. No blood anywhere. He is very stressed. I have him in one of my parrot carrier cages on a blanket with food and water. He hasn't touched the food yet.

He is outside at the moment with a cover over half of the cage and has been with me for about an hour. I am not sure if the wing is broken and don't feel comfortable man-handling him to have a look (wouldn't know what I was looking for anyway).

Does anyone know somewhere local I can take this fellow to get him some help? Worried about vets - I don't want him to be put down. I have access to a car, but obviously we are meant to be in bloody lockdown, but I could drive him to someone if they are able to help.

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