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Injuried "teenage" Pigeon

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We've just aquired a young pigeon who was injured by a cat. He's currently on antibiotics (baytril) for the open would, but he'll never fly due to a broken clavicle. I'm new to pigeon rearing (raised budgies, song birds, and finches) so, I'm heading out to get the pigeon manual, but I was wondering if there are any helpful hints for raising "teenage" pigeons? He hasn't quite grasped how to swallow the food he pecks at so we're handfeeding. How should I set up the perches in the cage? Thank you!
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Depends somewhat on what kind of cage, how big, and suchlke.

Our experience is that pigeons prefer flat surfaces rather than rounded perches of small diameter; their ancestral instinct would be to perch / roost on cave ledges. In our 'hospital cages' there's often a couple of shelves - they are actually chinchilla cages - but we also frequently provide pigeons with a good ol' house brick to stand on.

(the recovering pigeon in the top cage here had a broken leg, so was given a soft 'towel nest')

(As an aside, we'd normally use clavamox / synulox as an antibiotic for wounds.)

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Thank you for your response. My current cages are too small. I'll search for one the size of your cages or possibly a flight cage. The "brick" solution is excellent as I don't believe he will be able to fly to a shelf.

You can put a shelf down low and he will love it.
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