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Reread the story. There are two stories in there. One is the Boomerang story. The other short one is the father. Boomerang became famous because after she was given to a friend in Spain, she flew back flying 1,200 miles. So the original owner decided to gave her to many different friends, but the bird kept on going back home. The last story where the original owner found her very exhausted, I believe is the last time she ever returned from an unknown place because the last person to have her died five years earlier. So I suppose the title was misleading. It was not like 10 years she disappeared, but rather it took 10 years back and forth of that the bird kept coming back--the longest missing was the five years one.

The other story is the father which was birdnapped with his wing clipped. Apparently there is another article that I haven't found where the author actually knew that the bird "walked" from 60 miles. I am supposing that a wing clipped bird can't fly so he has to walk. I don't know how the author found the 60 mile distance thing.
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