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Introducing Godfrey

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Hi, Just wanted to post my first pic of baby Godrey - white homer born on Good Friday. His nest mate sadly failed to hatch - when I inspected the egg after it was well past hatch date, I found that the embryo had died just before reaching maturity. So Godfrey has a plastic egg to cuddle. Isn't he sweet!


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What a cutie!!!! I'm sure is going to be a very pretty pigeon. keep posting his pictures, is always nice to see baby pigeons. :)

It was a GOOD Friday!!!

Just look at that smile! What a sweet, precious baby! So sorry the nest mate didn't make it.
Oh, Godfrey is adorable. I'm sorry his sib didn't make it.
Well, he sure is a doll!!!

I'm sorry to hear the sibling died. :(
What a cutie! I'm sorry to hear about his sibling as well. I hope he thrives and grows fast. :D
Thanks everyone! He is certainly doing well - when I checked on him after tea last night, his crop was bigger than his 'teddy' egg, so mum & dad are certainly giving him the right attention! :)
Congratulations on your beautiful baby. He/she is gorgeous
Well Della isn't he a cutie! And with that little smirk on his face :p
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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