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iraqi rollers

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Hi, my friend is selling his iraqi rollers ( clappers etc) all sort of colors if any is interested you can give him" Adel" a call at 619-425-7019 "san diego ca." he has about 300 birds or send me email for [email protected]
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birds are still for sale....:)
i see that he has some what looks like galati rollers too....are those for sale???plus what do those birds do???are they just the ones that fly and claps really loud...???

saiwa- yes they are for sale... they roll up and some of them like tip on sides. you can go to youtube and see thesame birds and what they can do. and you call my buddy adel to tell you more details. but im telling you i am so impressed when i saw those bird...i pick up two pairs to start...
The solid blacks ,and red with white splash on the head are kit birds they do not tumble.So are the white one with red wings.The blue bar ,checkered with honey chest,and the crested ones are iraqi tumblers.They're similar with turkish tumblers.They're shooters,as they tumble upwards with loud clap.They're good performers when trained right and mature enough.Problem is those birds need to be flown daily.Every time they're locked up due to BOP,their flying ability is effected,and become lazy.
What's wrong with some of the birds tails? In the pics of them flying, the tail feathers look like there's only feathers at the end of the quill..........you can see through their tail:confused:
realy dont know whats wrong with theyre tail feather...
birds are still for sale...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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