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IRPC Auction April 26th in Lavale,Md

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Hi All,
Just wanted to refresh your memory on our Auction coming up April 26,in Lavale,Md....Anyone within driving range, is welcome to bring a couple of birds for the Auction...The birds will be purchased by the IRPC membership,and flown in TWO Auction races...The races are considered 250 Milers,even though some flyers on the long end will be flying close to 300 miles...There will food/drink for anyone who attends in person...So,if you have a couple of good YB`s to enter,either ship them in,or bring them yourself...Would love to meet a few people here in person at the Auction...Click on my Combine`s link below...Scroll down on the home page,untill you see the Auction info with shipping,or driving instructions etc about the races....Any questions ?? E-Mail me....Alamo
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Alamo, I would be willing to send you a couple of birds. PM me and give me the address to send to. Fly the daylights outa them and dont baby them.
Ken,click on the link below...You have to send the birds to Stan P....or Jimmy Gretz....Their address is on the IRPC home page with the Auction info...Scroll down on the Home page to get all the info...All I can do is BID on them at the Auction,and try to buy one to fly...This is how we raise the money to pay out for the two races....Hope I can get one at the Auction..But good birds make alot of guys BID on them...So it`s not easy to get the one you want all the time...One guy paid $285 for a YB 3 or 4 years ago...I stopped bidding at $50....hahahahaha!!!!.......Alamo
Got it and will send 2 or 3 birds your club's way. Good luck in the race this year.

I will send a few birds out to your auction.

Thanks Guys/Gals....I know the IRPC members will be excited to see OOA birds come in...Last year,in the first Auction race,an OOA bird won it....So I know the guys who are flying them,will give the birds a great chance to win..We have many outstanding pigeon guys in our combine..Even though there is only 40 to 45 members,it not easy to win any race...In the first Auction race last year,my birds were 30 minutes behind...In the 2nd race,I was 2nd,lost by less then 4 minutes...Also was 8th & 10th....So the birds did alot better in the 2nd race...Winner >1113 YPM..Alamo >1102 YPM...These were the only two birds with 1100 ypm speed...Thanks again Guys/Gals.....Will be looking forward to seeing the birds in two weeks..If anyone can bring the birds in PERSON,that would be great...Would like to see a few new faces..hahahaha!!!.....Alamo
Got a e-mail from REPETE,that he is sending 5 birds in,and 3 of his buddies from Tampa are doing the same...Should be a great Auction....I Think I should bring more $$ then I thought that I would need...Anyone got any extra to lend a poor pigeon guy ??? hahahaha!!!!!........Alamo
JUST WANTED TO REMIND ANYONE IN THE MARYLAND AREA...That the Auction is this coming SUNDAY...the 26th...Hope to see a couple of you there for some fun....Any and all are welcome to bring a few birds....It`s FREE for you..It will cost our membership big $$ to buy the birds !!! hahahaha!!!!.......Click on the link below,scroll down the HOME page for all the info you will need.....See you Sunday !!!...........Alamo
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