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Me my sis and my friend found a bird which probb can not fly so I though let me tech it how to fly..................................After a week or so it learnet how to fly a bit.Now the bird is healthy and is now very comfortable. Last week I went to Goa only for three days with my family and mother"s team mates,when I came back I relizied that the bird is verrrrry fat and It dosent reconize me and my sister.After A while It reconized us.But today
our bird became three times fater and was verrryyy scared of us so we decided to leave her alone and then when we came back we saw that she had crumbled up the news paper and was sitting inside as if she is about to lay eggs.We keep our bird in a cardbourd box and we fix some news paper in it,our bird eats a lot and does poops a lot to so we have to change the news papper every day.Sometimes when the bird wants to come out we let him/her out,first i was afraid that our Kitten or dog harm him/her but the kitten is a small baby but our dog breath is a stray and is a ***** so I was certainly afraid but surprizingly she did'nt do any thing to our bird. Our neibour has a rabit and we every day meet the rabit.the bird was frigtened and was running away but the real thing is what is it a male or female:?. I WANT TO ASK YOU SOME QUESTIONS SO PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT [email protected]/[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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