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Is this too overprotective?

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today a cat (neighbour's, GRRR...) ;) was slinking found the aviary and I was worried that it may have left some traces of germs or toxins. I am considering disinfecting the whole cage, but that seems kind of pointless since I cleaned it only a few days ago... :mad:
Hermes and his mate have a pair of 2-day old squabs (yes, the feral and the rescue) :D
and i'm not sure whether to disturb them or not.
is there any useful any advice?

Thanx! :)
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The only health risk is if they actually catch a pigeon. Even if they do not injure it their saliva is toxic to the pigeon.

theres no harm in disinfecting,,,be sure to use a non toxic solution though!how are your new meat pigeons doing?
cat was licking its paws and touching cage with them!

does this count? the pigeons do not regularly visit that area but it is still a problem, the cat comes around this area to try and catch a bird.
i am worried.

p.s meat pijies are flourishing. they paired up and spent alot of time together. rev stays with homer (another fantail).
Pigeons are sturdier than we believe them to be. Mouse droppings worry me more than cat unless that cat bites the pigeon, then you have a bacteria to worry about.

Why mouse droppings?
Why mouse droppings?
Salmonellosis is carried by rodents. I wouldn't be worred about the cat situation as you have described it. Shouldn't be any problems from the cat.

It's really important to keep rodents out of your loft. It's not so easy as they are attracted to the feed and droppings. If they contaminate the food and water in the loft, your birds can become very ill and often die.
It's really important that you pick up your birds often to make sure they are of a good weight. Your birds are pets and so that's easier. For folks with large lofts, picking up each bird frequently is not so easy. For them, most they can do is just to be very aware and notice if a bird seems off or not quite right.
rat poison

Thanx, Charis. I usually check my birds every morning and evening to see if they're a little off-colour. I guess i learnt early, when i was about 11 or 12 i had a pair of ringnecks. one of them looked a bit sickly, but i put off taking him to the vet until he was quite ill, and he never fully recovered. He died three years before his mate.
My aviaries stand off the ground, so i don't think that rats could get in- they're very securely locked (thanks to those kids who belong to my neighbours ;) ) and the water and seed dishes are placed in a higher level which is approx. 50cm off the floor.
I play with my birds whenever i can, so i am naturally wary if they are underweight. (it's isolation and obsevation until i'm satisfied that they're alright.) :rolleyes:

thanks for letting me know, i wasn't that aware of rats before. i lay out rat poison every month or so, but that's just to keep them away from my vegetables. :eek: is the amount sufficient?
Never underestimate a rat. They are crafty little beings.

Being off the ground wont stop them, and if there is a way for them to chew in, they will.
uh oh

does anybody have syggestions to get rid of the rats (rat poison kills them to a certain extent, but they breed like, well, rats.)?
the legs of the aviaries are wooden, but they are painted and sprayed with mould repellent so that they do not rot. i laid out rat poison near the aviaries, but it has not been eaten yet.

P.S The neighbour's cat is lazy. it doesn't kill any rats ;)
Actually, I don't recommend poison because to be poisioned is an awful way to die and it can kill other creatures besides the ones intended.
I agree, charis, but i cannot see any other way to get rid of the rats.
i tried trapping and releasing before but they came back and it was my father who finally convinced me to poison them...
i do respect living animals, and i hate killing nearly anything (except weeds, probably) but these rats could also poison my birds, which is just as bad...
Not only is rat poison a horrible way to die for the rats, but if a dog or cat happens to get ahold of it, It will kill them the same way.

Ive seen many dogs die horrible deaths from ingesting rat poison (used to work at an animal ER)

and god forbid if somehow one of your pigeons manages to peck at it.

Im new to pigeons so I cant recommend what to do to help rat proof.

the repellent i use is dog/cat proof, says on packet that it will deter young children, dogs cats & pets because of bitter taste.
i specifically bought this type as my sister has a spaniel that i take care of on mondays and thursdays.
do you think that if put out an alterantive food source out, the rats will eat that instead?
maybe something like some fruit, so that they stay away from the pigeons???
i am sooooo confused...
:confused: :confused: :confused:
You need to eliminate all food because food just increases the numbers. They probably are after the discards from the pigeons. If there is nothing for them to eat, they will have to go else where.

so, should i clean out the cage more frequently?
i don't think that they've managed to enter the cage, but i know that they steal stuff from my vegetable garden. I guess that i'll have to get rid of that
our neighbourhood is very rat-infested, everybody tries to shoo them into my garden because they think i'm a "animal-loving-weirdo", as my cousins used to call me...
hang on, do rats eat herbs? i really don't want to get rid of my herb garden as well, it's so much easier to pluck them fresh...
i sweep pigeon discards every few days or so, and clean out the whole cage every 1-2 weeks.
there's also the milo dish for the cockies. should i remove this as well?
:confused: :(
Rats will eat anything available to them. And you seem to have a great variety of food for them ;)

Putting more food out will only attract more.

I think the real problem is your neighbors trying to shoo rats into your garden. Thats messed up.

Are we talking a lot of rats or just a few that come in?
Can we see a picture of your cage so as to advise you better?
2 replies

1. Whole families of rats, they come at night and disappear in the morning. i got the shock of my life a few weeks ago when i came back from a night petrol trip and saw this whole family of baby rats sneaking into my vegetable garden. (i try to keep costs down ;) )
2. one picture coming up soon!

the neighbours are a little bit strange. they catch rats and release them either in my place or a national park. (though that was for NATIVE animals..)
once, they kept one in a plastic bag until it suffocated :(
(felt really bad)
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