My hopes have already been significantly lowered but I am currently in search of an Arabian Trumpeter hen, a yellow Atlas to replace the hen that recently died that was paired with Biff. (Biff pictured.)
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They were my first pigeons and I planned to breed them. I am also interested in acquiring another pair, but the hen is of prime importance to me. I kind of doubt there are any within Wisconsin since I think I have hit every breeder (and they have none available), but if there is anyone in Wisconsin or someone in the other lower 48 that is able to ship, I will be forever grateful. I am still in denial of the fact that the loft I worked so hard to build will probably not have Arabian Trumpeters (sans Biff) for the next five months since all currently-born adults are already sold off for the season and not breeding due to the season. I'm graduating in May and wonder why I ever thought getting pigeons was a good idea in the first place. I have a homer and am getting more, but I've become quite attached to the Arabian Trumpeter breed. Sadly, it has turned out that is very rare.