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i found this forum looking for information on what is best to do.
me and my girlfriend found what appears to be (to us from what we have looked up, but im really not sure) possibley a 10 day old wood pigeon. it looked like it had fallen out of its nest next to a main road. its face is covered in blood and its got some wounds on various parts of its body. we took it home wrapped in a towel and its now in a quiet part of the house, in a cardboard box with air holes in it, on some newspaper but we've left it with the towel. we've left it be. ive also given it a small ceramic bowl (like a hamster dish) with some water in. and i was going to take it to the RSPCA first thing in the morning. i was just worried is the RSPCA would just put it to sleep as soon as i take it in. :/ i dont know what their policy is and i am unsure of what is best to do for the little guy. is anyone nearby to help or does anyone have any advice of what is best to do.

also there is a rough sort of crackly sound coming from its chest. :/ its breathing looks very laboured to me. can anyone help, please?

i am in penketh in warrington, cheshire.

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There will need to be a few things sorted out for this little guy, but the immediate need is to get him started on some oral antibiotics, do you, your family or friends have any around for either themselves their children or even their pets, I think time is of the essence here.


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Sounds like it has either been hit by a vehicle or attacked by a predator. The breathing problem could well indicate serious internal injury. If so, the outlook is very touch and go.

Can you gently clean up the most obvious wounds with warm saline (just warm salt water would do). Do you have a heat pad or a hot water bottle you could place under him (well wrapped) as he will need to keep his body temperature up and won't have much energy.

If he is that young, he may well not know how to drink yet - he will have been fed by parents. It may be necessary to drip liquid into the front of his beak (never squirt into mouth), preferably from a slightly warm mix of 1 liter water, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon of glucose powder, or honey or sugar. Helps the system function and rehydrates.

If he has been caught by something then as Karyn says, he will need antibiotics. Normally these would only be available from a vet (Synulox aka Noroclav would be the usual one) but, yes, if there is a way you can get some antibiotic tonight we (Karyn more than I) can help with dosage.

Don't bother with the RSPCA

Link to baby pigeon care (wood or feral): http://www.pigeonrescue.co.uk/caringforababypigeon.htm

These wildlife places will take birds, but check with them first

South Manchester Wildlife Rescue
Near Alderley Edge
Telephone: 07950 867353

Will take pigeons and other birds.

East Lodge Farm
East Lane
Ince Blundell
L29 3EA


Have a "no kill" policy and a wild bird aviary. Located in North Liverpool between Crosby and Formby.

Greenmount Wild Bird Hospital
Kirklees Valley
Garside Hay Road

Ph: 01204 884086 .

Sanctuary and rescue centre for sick, injured and baby birds.
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