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white homing pigeon

I see your pigeon has a broken 'tom tom' just like mine. The bird showed up on my carport a couple months ago. First, get rid of the mirror!!
Second, handle the bird EVERY day... even if all you do is hold it in your lap as you watch tv. massage around the neck (NO BELLY RUBS) you are only friends not life 'mates'
Putting on the flight suit/ pants is a must. Hold her/him to your belly/chest and talk to the bird while slowly putting on the pants. your pigeon will adjust pretty quick. I've found that I don't have to confine the bird, I made a nice perch in front of a busy window and she stay's there most of the day, at night she perch's by her food like a statue.
I call her a 'her' by the way she act's but it could be a boy, jury is still out.
This is going to be a big learning process - - but don't worry, the pigeon will have you trained in a couple of months
sherri53, Florida
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